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Professional cat sitter with over 30 years' experience living with and serving domestic and pedigree cats.  Some found me, others chosen by me, all loved equally.

Kiko cat
Cats In Situ
Welcome to Cats in Situ, my name is Una Christine Campbell and I provide a specialised cat sitting service based in Larbert near Falkirk.  I provide a personalised service to ensure your feline family members are well looked after in your absence.  

Although cats may appear to be independent, they become very attached to their home and can be easily frightened when faced with unfamiliar places and smells.  Cats who are left alone in unfamiliar surroundings can often suffer from separation anxiety and so being able to remain in their home allows them to remain relaxed and comfortable.  Some cats lose weight in catteries through stress.  Stress can also cause cats to overgroom themselves or develop urinary tract infections.  Unlike some larger pet sitting companies, Cats in Situ allows both you and your pet to meet with their carer before booking to ensure you are both 100% happy with their temporary guardian before booking.  I like the owner to be there the first time I meet a new friend so that the cat will know me and be happy for me to visit when their owner goes away.

I create a Care Plan customised to meet your needs and the needs of each cat.  This includes:

  • Emergency contact details
  • Name, address and telephone number of your pet's vet
  • Feeding routine
  • Existing medical conditions/medications*
  • Favourite toy (s)

 I offer a range of services that are all included in my standard rates so no hidden charges apply. 

  • Playtime
  • Cuddletime
  • Grooming
  • Remove mail from front door
  • Plant watering
  • Opening/closing of blinds/curtains
  • Switching lights on/off 
  • Put out/bring in bins
  • Put fresh milk in the fridge for your return
  • Pet taxi - For trips to vet etc.
  • Any other requests considered
  • Vet reference available

I have a Disclosure certificate and I am fully insured:

Please check out my Customer Testimonials to see what my happy customers (and their owners!) have to say. 

If you would like the best care for your best friend you can arrange a free of charge, no-obligation pre-booking meeting, please get in touch using the enquiry form in the Contact Us section of the site.

I hope to hear from you soon!

*If I administer any medication I complete a Medication Administration Record noting the name and strength of each medicine given, dosage and time given.  You are given a copy of this sheet on your return.
Milo cat
Customer Testimonials
  1. Una has looked after Kizzy for years. He took to her straight away in spite of him being extremely timid. He was very relaxed in her care right from the start. Una is reliable, trustworthy and provides a professional service. I was also able to Facetime Kizzy from my holiday resorts and saw that he was happy and at ease in Una’s care.
    Kizzy cat
  2. Una was taking care of Zeusz our lovely cat for several times and we have great experience with her. She contacted us daily while we were on holiday so we could be sure our boy is at good care. Zeusz was always happy and well looked after. I highly recommend her services and you can be sure your cat is in great hands.
    Zeusz cat
  3. Una looked after our cat Pusha while we were away on holiday. She came to see us beforehand to introduce herself to us and to Pusha. She was very professional in her approach and was obviously very experienced with cats, she has four of her own. She instilled in us confidence in her ability to look after our ‘wee girl’.
    Pusha cat
  4. Daisy has loved being looked after by Una. She came to the house regularly, fed Daisy, played with her and groomed her. No mean feat in my opinion!! Una was also happy to remove mail from the front door and bring in basic messages on our return from holiday. I can highly recommend Una as friendly, helpful and very professional.
    Daisy cat
  5. Una looked after my two girls while we were away on holiday. Una made sure they were loved, played with, groomed and gave one her medicine daily. She kept me up to date with messages and pictures and made leaving them less stressful. I think Portia and Chee Chee are looking forward to my next holiday to see Una again!
    Chee Chee
    Chee Chee cat
  6. Una recently looked after my young cat Bow, she was recommended to me by a friend who uses her regularly. Una’s service is very personalised and professional. She visited prior to my trip and familiarised herself with Bow and his routine. She also kept in contact while I was away with regular updates. I especially appreciated that she spent quite a bit of time with him on each visit, so much better than the stress of a cattery. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any cat owners.